With every sense of commitment and dedication we  offer a full range of services that address the needs of our clients. Our range of services are:

Outsourcing Services: The future of any business will be defined by its outsourcing. Companies now outsource their business process to achieve a lot of goals amongst which are reduction in  operating costs, improvement of company focus and increase flexibility so as to be able to respond to business requirements.

Some of the services we render on outsourcing basis are:

  • Accounts and Book-Keeping: click here for more
  • Taxation: click here for more
  • Payroll: click here for more
  • Asset Management: click here for more

Information Technology (IT): What drives business is IT, partly defined as management of computer-based information system with reference to software application computer hardware. For any business to compete effectively in today’s business world it must place high premium on IT. At  Ladesmunic our IT department  is structured in a way to accommodate our clients IT needs. We are able, among other IT services, to :

  • Implement Biometrics solution in Financial Institutions, especially Banks, to reduce identity theft fraud. Also in Government departments we could implement same to monitor workers’ working hours, and in data centres as well, to control access to sensitive locations. Click here for more.
  • Deliver projects on many platforms Click for enquiry form
  • Design manage the development of back office brokerage and settlement system stemming the tide of lost customers, enable regulatory compliance and delivering paperless office process. Click here for enquiry form

Company Secretarial

Consultancy and Business Development

The need to plan ahead before undertaking a business venture the need to monitor your business performance regularly if you want to remain a going-concern entity, cannot be over-emphasised.

We are able to assist our clients in:

  • The preparation of a complete business plan Click here for more
  • The setting up of systems
  • The preparation of Cash flow Projections
  • Carrying out business valuation
  • Conducting due diligence exercise.

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