This is a service we render to our clients on outsourcing arrangement basis. Chief Economist to former U S President, Bill Clinton once said in Wall Street Journal that ’In the long run, outsourcing is another form of trade that benefits the US economy by giving us cheaper ways to do things’. The main focus of outsourcing is to help you reduce your cost of operation without compromising on quality.

Today most companies outsource their bookkeeping and accounting services because it affords them the opportunity to focus on their core functions, remain very competitive and generate savings because the total cost of managing their book keeping and accounting work is far lesser than hiring in-house staff.

Some of the other benefits of outsourcing are:

  • Getting skilled manpower at affordable lower rates
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Off-loading non-core functions
  • Allows for effective strategic planning with full concentration
  • Allows for effective strategic planning with full concentration
  • Beat Competition

It is not surprising to now see that some companies & even government agencies now making outsourcing part of their long-term sustainable business model. This is where the future lies, especially for very serious organisations (public or private) that want to remain competitive & satisfy the yearnings of their stakeholders.

Ladesmunic Ltd has, as of now, three options through which outsourcing assignment are carried out on behalf of its clients. The client could choose from any of the options depending on its convenience. Whichever option chosen the broad benefits remains the same.

Outsourcing Options & Stages of operation.




How online book keeping service work?  

Think about this.

You are just starting a business (or already in business) & you are to operate (or already operating in a very competitive environment) which one is better: to start thinking of building staff & infrastructures (or making further investments in staffing & facilities) or to see if someone could do it better and cheaper? Contact us today. For about Accounting services

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